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Endorsed Courses

SACE-endorsed courses for the CPTD System

Jika has 15 workshops (Type 3) and numerous online CPTD activities (Type 1) to help educators earn CPTD points. For online training, see the Online Courses tab above.

Contact Us

Entrepreneurship Education using the startUP&go! programme endorsed by the International Labour Organization.

Contact Us – General Enquiries:

+27 51 444 0668
+27 72 693 9857
+27 83 487 0405

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Material development

Jika create materials for use in the classroom. 

Currently the literature for Matric English is an urgent need and Teacher Books, Learner Books and CDs are available.  Also enquire about Dereck Jackson’s Discipline Programme and posters for Business Studies.

ECD Support

ECD support programme

A full-time ECD qualification is available, but is dependent on numbers.

Tailor made courses

Tailor-made ETDP SETA-accredited courses and learnerships

Currently 13 ETDP SETA-accredited short courses are available for the public and private sectors and for individuals, for face-to-face training. Soon these courses will be available for online

Language Training

Conversational English, Afrikaans and Sesotho for Business and personal empowerment

All these are undertaken at the Jika Hub by suitably qualified members of the team.