Excellent service that always places the customer first.
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Professional Communication
and Training

Jika Communication & Training is a multi-faceted company that focuses primarily on addressing needs within the training sector. Training includes Enterprise Development, SETA-accredited training, SACE-endorsed training, as well as non-accredited courses that focus on communication and preparing one for the fourth and fifth Industrial Revolutions.
Along with training, Jika has a strong publishing leg, where editing, proofreading, layout, design and translation services are provided.

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Ricky Ioannou

Managing Director

Jika SA Philosophy

Jika SA Vision

To be recognised by clients nationally and internationally in the public and private sectors as their preferred provider of various training, publishing and strategic communication needs

Jika SA Mission

To provide access to adult professional empowerment in the areas of training, publishing, research and strategic communication initiatives that will not only improve the skills profile of Jika clients, but also promote their workplace practice, employability and mobility.

Our commitment to working with our clients
provides significant benefits


A relationship of trust with clients and treating
all information as strictly confidential.

Quality Service

Ensuring that the highest possible quality of service and products is maintained.

Customer Service

Excellent service that always places the customer first. Inclusiveness and innovation.

Skills Development

Empowering the economically challenged, especially the
youth, women, teachers and adults in business.


Accepting full responsibility for all contracts


Respecting all rights of the client.

Become a Jika Associate

Jika has a number of associates with whom the organisation partners to buttress its human and physical resources as well as to access the associates’expertise where necessary.

Our Associates

NEM Holdings (N. Strauss)
Options in Personnel (D. Pereira)
HLCS (W. van der Merwe)
Online productions (Dr A. van Deventer)